Thursday, December 31, 2009

Blog name has changed. Like you care, right?

Clarity2009 is now Clarity2010.

Don't ask me why. It just seemed the thing to do.

Please change your bookmarks and Bloglists. Or not.

Click HERE (or HERE or HERE) to redirect to the new blog.

See you there.

(Note: for those of you unable to click on words, due to religious reasons or whatever, it's ok to click on the picture instead. Just click on the front guy's foot. Of course it won't take you to the new blog if you do that. Just kidding. Or maybe not. Clicking the picture might take you to Lord Likely's basement. Be brave.)


A. @ A Changing Life said...


Relax Max said...

Yes, clicking is difficult. Arrrgh!

Descartes said...

You get your blog up to a Pagerank of 4 and then you abandon it? Well, I guess it doesn't really matter.

Relax Max said...

Descartes, yes that was a lesson not to have put a year in the name of the blog. But as you say, no matter. :) Please keep coming around, though.

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