Monday, February 9, 2009

A blogging milestone


I don't expect all the fanfare and hoopla that other blogs receive when they pass a major blogging milestone, but my pride won't let this event pass without at least SOME mention...

Today marks this blog's nineteenth post! That's right - THE BIG ONE-NINE!!!!

I'll admit that I thought this day might never come. Number seven seems like a lifetime ago. Number 12 was so far from 19 that I could hardly imagine what this day would be like.

But today the impossible dream has finally arrived! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Just stick around until number 27! - then won't we party!

And if any of you even THINK about giving me some award for this post, you are dead meat. I promise.


Chica said...

Oh... you CAN count! :p Yay!

A. said...

As I was floating through my life
I met a dog who writes a blog
And on the blog were nineteen posts
And every post had nineteen comments
And every comment had nineteen lines
Blog, posts, comments, lines
What has happened to my life?

Lidian said...

Hey, nineteen
That's a lot of blog posts
We don't remember
The comment total
Its hard times befallen
The blog subscribers
He thinks I'm crazy
But I just blame the cold...

[A pseudo Steely Dan moment in honor of the great occasion]

Relax Max said...

@Chica - Sure I can count It's been 22 days since you've commented. But good to see you anyway! :)

Relax Max said...

@A. - Limericks are from Ireland.

There was a young lady from Malawi
Who made Liverpudlian males cry “Ka-Zowie”
But she told them ”Not now, sirs”
Took her leave of those Scousers
And moved to a beach in South Maui

Relax Max said...

@Lidian - That was cute, thank you!

It's hard times befallen
The sole survivors
She thinks I'm crazy
But I'm just growing old

ettarose said...

No award huh? Dead meat you say? I laugh at you Ha! You just wait. PS. I have a post for you but not until Wed. early a.m.

Relax Max said...

Hey Ettarose. I'll check your post, but if there is a cheesy award for my 19 posts I will be on the next plane to NC. Be afraid. Be very afraid. :)

Janet said...

When I was 19 that was the legal drinking age in Tennessee. My 19th birthday was memorable. Not by a couple of my friends though.

Anonymous said...

Bring it on big boy!

Relax Max said...

@Janet - I'm glad I picked post #19 to make fun of. #19 was good for a lot of us. I can't picture you "going overboard" on your 19th birthday, though. :)

Debbie said...

so, let me get this straight...
I offer some cheesy award and you will hop a plane to visit?

Oh the thoughts, the possibilties, the awards that could come on Friday, the 13th!

Janet said...

I'm the granddaughter of an alcoholic and as a youth could hold an astonishing amount of liquor. This protected me in a number of circumstances. The two friends who were with me on my birthday didn't fare so well (it was ladies' night at the bar). One got sick, the other fell out of the car and rolled in the gutter. I saw Arthur later that summer, and laughed far more loudly at that scene than it actually warranted.

Relax Max said...

@Debbie - I remember what you are doing on the 13th, and, if I came, you wouldn't even notice me standing in he corner with my empty wine glass. I may come anyway. :)

@Ettarose - Thank you so much for the post today. I am so blessed to have met so many new friends this past year. You know that kind of talk makes me embarrassed, but don't stop. :)

@Janet - You amaze me. I admit I am starting to believe your stories. I can't wait to get to know you better. :)

Susan: "The right woman could make you stop drinking."

Arthur: "She'd have to be an awfully BIG woman."

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