Saturday, July 18, 2009

"I'll take Shakespeare for a thousand, Alex."

The families of Romeo and Juliet were feuding, so they had to keep their love secret.

Juliet muses over the unfairness and stupidity of this and muses "What's in a name?" and decides that names mean nothing - "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet."

You'll get your thousand if you can tell us the last names of the young star-crossed lovers.

Google and die.


Stephanie B said...

Montague and Capulet.

Of course, my sister has a PhD in Renaissance literature.

(Juliet is a Capulet - "Be but sworn my love and I'll no longer be a Capulet")

I thought this would be a tough question and was already to call my sister.

Stephanie B said...

I was on a trivia team in high school.

Shakespeare said...

But who was the girl Romeo loved BEFORE Juliet?

Can you name her?

Too bad my sister beat me to it! Darn!

A. said...

Montague and Capulet is right of course. Easy to say after everyone else, but I was fed Shakespeare from the age of 11.

A. said...

PS Rosaline

Relax Max said...

@Shakespeare - Ummm... Rosaline? Heh.

Relax Max said...

It's probably not Rosaline. A. loves to lead me astray and make me look foolish. Not hard to do.

Stephanie B said...

Ha, I beat my sister here! Woot! (Shakespeare)

(And, no, I don't remember Romeo's former love. But I remember Romeo's friend who was killed and sent our friend Romeo over the edge: Mercutio.)

Anonymous said...

I knew the answer too :-p

Descartes said...

Yes, I knew it was Montague and Capulet, though I could not have spelled them correctly.

How about Gilligan's other name? Or a name for The Skipper or The Professor? Let's do some real highbrow stuff.

Janet said...

Drat, everybody beat me to it, but it's Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet. And I believe that picture is Olivia Hussey.
I took an entire semester of Shakespeare. I have acted in "The Merchant of Venice." I taught Shakespeare in my theatre college course.

A. said...

So where's my thousand? You didn't say it was for the first answer only.

Sue said...

I knew the answer too! Probably would have mis-spelled though.

And, holy crap, I can't believe how short this post is.

Sheila said...

Sue, what are you saying, Sue?!! We're going to be in for a three pager tomorrow, I can just feel it....

Canucklehead said...

yep - I would have got the surnames myself. a chance to put my english degree to use finally and i was a day late and a dollar short. ah well, at least i capitilize ...


Relax Max said...

Thank you to everyone who played. Obviously this was MUCH to easy!

No,Canuck,not Juliet Jones.

@-Stephanie B - Shakespeare was your sister?
Alison, I believe you. Really. I do.


Descartes - Gillign had another name? Bob Denver? Ralph Cramden? All I can remember is that The Skipper just called him little feller. I don't think any of the others had real names. Even in real life. Actually the only name I can't forget from that show is Tina Louise.

Janet - The picture IS Olivia! You win! Did you know that when she did the movie she was only 15 years old but did the nude scenes anyway? A different time and place. And - while we are on the subject of trivia (we ARE on the subject of trivia) here's a bit more: Olivia did not attend the premier of Romeo and Juliet. Why? Because she was too young to legally be allowed to view the nude scenes - of herself.

@A. - It was just a figure of speech. You are always trying to make trouble. It was a thousand beans, anyway. I never said a thousand what. :)

@Sue - Another trouble maker. I attract trouble makers. I don't believe you knew, either. Prove it.

And you BETTER come back more often if you know what's good for you.

@Sheila - Get real. You're a mailbox. You feel nothing.


@Canucklehead - You have a degree in English? Wow. And you work for the phone company? And you have a perversion for llamas? I didn't know you had a degree in English, and I thought I knew everything about you. Like when you ran for mayor of your home town of London and only got be by 17. Other candidates. I once got the third degree. Not as impressive as a degree in English, though. So... like, did you put that on your resume? Or CV or whatever Canadians call it? And they didn't give you a better job. That's the shits dude.

Another bit of trivia for you. I promise you can get this one even without your English degree.

Jean Sibelius wrote the national anthem of what country?

(Hint: the name of the song is Finlandia.)

Relax Max said...

No Degree in spelling or spacing, either. My little doggie claws are slipping off the keys.

ettarose said...

I was here first but in my then snippy mood did not feel like answering this post. I would have answered Romulus and Remus and now I am glad I did not. Well not really glad, I would have enjoyed proving my irreverence. :)

Stephanie B said...

The one with the tag "Shakespeare" is my sister. She used to go by "Shakespearemom."

Relax Max said...

@Ettarose - A likely story. You have no way of proving you were here. Who are Romulus and Remus? The sisters who founded Athens, right?

If I can't be condescending, at least I can be exasperating. :)

@Stephanie B - Sigh. I know who Shakespeare is, Stephanie. I only do that to give you an eye tic. You should know that by now. Same with my condescending attitude. If you would stop letting it piss you off, I would stop. No I wouldn't. :)

I also know who Romulus and Remus are/were. Don't start on me. :)

Stephanie B said...

What makes you think it still pisses me off?

Relax Max said...

Oh, I KNOW it still pisses you off. You are trying to pretend it doesn't. But I will stop. I will be humble. You won't enjoy it. But I will.

Janet said...

That's amazing she couldn't watch her own movie.

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